March 01, 2018


Leading investment firm and strategic partner in the Philippines has changed its name into Y Investments Philippines Inc.



The company is formerly known in the country as VentureCapital Holdings Corp. It has carried its name for over 1 year already. VentureCapital Holdings Corp. has aligned all of its subsidiary companies under “Y” from its parent company “Y Group Hongkong”.


The “Y” stands for “youth”, VCHC believes helping young entrepreneurs could result in a more diverse and resilient economy in the future. The unified branding aims to establish a more performance-driven company as it looks to unravel maximum value from its operations and partnerships.


It’s also just another iteration of the company’s growing emphasis on investing in tech startups and several industries. It has also changed its name to reflect better on VCHC’s broad range of expertise and services. The company’s long-term goals include adding more brands while preserving its upscale image.


The name partly aimed to explore on new channels of collaboration with similar industry professionals. It aims for a better innovation, progress, and continuous growth of its number of partners in the future.


It is also currently looking into Blockchain technology, the technology behind bitcoin. The blockchain is a digital ledger sheet where transactions in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are recorded. Another paradigmatic shift in revolutionizing different business sectors that will surely rise hundreds of new digital assets.

Inaugural Blockchain Experts GALA

Inaugural Blockchain Experts GALA



January 10, 2018


VentureCapital Holdings Corp. assembles blockchain tech titans in a grand and exclusive yacht party to celebrate the rapid tech innovation here in the Philippines.


In 2017, VCHC has set out on a mission to serve as a beacon of light to all startups and emerging businesses. As a venture capital firm, VCHC is now celebrating its success and continuous growth with its increasing number of partners.


VentureCapital Holdings Corp. is proud to announce its Inaugural Blockchain Experts Gala event to be held at the Manila Yacht Club, on January 26, 2018, Friday, 4 pm – 8 pm. The grand spectacular event will bring together its business partners, tech entrepreneurs, and international speakers who are all experts in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


The event intends to celebrate VCHC's successful partnerships with its investee companies. It also aims to explore new channels of collaboration with like-minded industry practitioners. VCHC aims for a better innovation, progress, and continuous growth of its number of partners in the future. VCHC is currently looking into Blockchain technology, another paradigmatic shift in revolutionizing different business sectors that will surely strengthen their presence in the digital world.


Attendees are expected to enjoy the night as there will be drinks, food, and amazing beats by a celebrity DJ.


Attendees are required to be in their Creative Black Tie.


The said event will be strictly by invitation only and will be hosted by VentureCapital Holdings Corp. – A leading investment firm and strategic partner in the Philippines.

VCHC’s Yacht Party by the sea attended by blockchain giants

VCHC’s Yacht Party by the sea attended by blockchain giants


Philippines, January 2018



With the most star-studded of guest lists and a scenic route along Manila Bay at Roxas Blvd, Manila. VCHC threw its Inaugural Blockchain Experts Gala last Friday, January 26, 2018. VentureCapital Holdings Corp. was Instagram-Gold. Here’s what happened when these VIPs went on a #CruiseGala



 Patrick Palacios CEO of Loyalcoin and Roger Yang CEO of Loanchamp



Melissa Guzman and Edison Tsai of New Union Ph / Healthblocks



Rafael Padilla and Miguel Cuneta of SCI, Kseniya Gavrilenko and Ryan Dominic Sy of VentureCapital Holdings Corp.



Elizabeth Dumais, Samuel Harvey, Frankie Meng, Rose Flores, Rafael Padilla.



Grace Agustin and Alvin Tang of Healthblocks


The evening did not disappoint. A curated guest list of international and local businessmen, young tech entrepreneurs, international speakers and more mingled aboard while several production elements elevated the party above a usual gathering.




Five models brought in with different nationalities. They have represented unity, despite the diversity in the country. It was an intimate night party and one of the most expensive parties in Manila.



DJ Sanya giving welcome remarks




DJ Sanya, who lavished her welcoming hospitality to all on the deck, she mentioned key personalities of the night and explained the purpose of the event–VCHC’s first-ever gathering with its friends.



Mr. Ryan Dominic Sy giving his speech


Mr. Ryan Dominic Sy, Business Development officer at VC Holdings had his opening speech while an audio-visual presentation was played in the background.




The purpose of the event is to celebrate VC Holdings’ successful partnerships with its recent investee companies. The night tackled VCHC’s future plans of exploring new channels of collaboration with like-minded industry practitioners.



 Mr. Frankie Meng giving his speech




After Mr. Sy’s opening speech and presentation, it was followed by Mr. Frankie Meng’s speech and toast for future partnerships, plans, and goals.


Mr. Frankie Meng raised his glass for a toast and wished for a better innovation, progress, and continuous growth of its number of his partners in the future. As VCHC strives to be better, Mr. Frankie Meng has announced that the company soon will be entering the Blockchain Industry, another paradigmatic shift in revolutionizing different business sectors that will surely strengthen their presence in the digital world.




DJ Butta B 





As the captain announced the Yacht’s no-shoes policy, much to the well-heeled passengers. Everyone got their feet moving in the rhythm as the celebrity, DJ Sanya Smith and Butta B struck their hearts with their indie-mixed and house music beats while cruising. 





VC Café’s Chef Carlo prepared mouth-watering meals, while his crews, Mon and Rick, ensure that the guests’ glasses are perpetually filled with their beverage of choice. Aside from finger food, there was also plenty of beer, wine and served liquors flowing for all the guests for there was an open bar available. 



End-of-the-night group photo session


The evening had no shortage of Instagram-worthy moments and Mr. Meng was quickly pulled in by his friends aiming to capture as many group photos as possible before the night ends.


Venture Capital Holdings Corporation engages in strategic partnerships with great companies and young entrepreneurs. We invest in seed stage to series A to C expansions while guiding and mentoring these companies along the way. VC Holdings helps entrepreneurs and businesses build opportunities by providing the necessary resources in order for them to maximize their business potential and expedite their growth. We have incubation and acceleration programs that aim to equip these start-up companies with the right tools to grow their businesses.


Our company aims to be a strategic business partner and not just a mere capital provider. We focus on the growth of our partners. We do this by making sure that our partners are connected to the global market. We utilize our access to an international network of affiliates in order to provide our investee companies better solutions for their businesses.


For more information go to

VentureCapital Holdings Corp joins PLDT's FINTQ in celebrating the success of "Kasama Ka"

VentureCapital Holdings Corp joins PLDT's FINTQ in celebrating the success of "Kasama Ka"


Conrad Hotel, January 18, 2018 - VentureCapital Holdings Corp joins PLDT's FINTQ in celebrating the success of Kasama Ka, their innovative program that aims to improve financial inclusion in the Philippines.  



Photos show VC Holdings' Ryan Dominic Sy with Former Foreign Affairs Secretary Mr. Albert del Rosario; Office of the President Executive Secretary Mr. Salvador BingBong Medialdea, New Union Philippines Executive Director Mr Edison Tsai.



In another photo, Mr. Orlando B Vea, President and CEO of PLDT and Smart Communications and Voyager, is shown giving the opening remarks.

VC Café to sponsor PDMN’s “Nice To Meet You” Phil-Chi Star Concert In Manila

VC Café to sponsor PDMN’s “Nice To Meet You” Phil-Chi Star Concert In Manila


To kick-start the new season, VC Café has signed on as a sponsor for the grand concert event.


VC Café is going to be the official sponsor for “Nice to Meet You” Phil-Chi Star Concert in Manila this coming January, 2018. The said event is produced by Philippine Dragon Media Network in collaboration with Star Music and Cornerstone Entertainment


The performances will be headlined by China’s most sought-after artists such as G.E.M., Della Wu, Chief (Chao Chuan), and Da Zhuang that will definitely keep the fans moving all night. They are slated to set the stage ablaze at the one-night live music event.


As the first event for this year in the country, PDMN’s “Nice To Meet You” Phil-Chi Star Concert aims to gather Filipino and Chinese fans to witness an exciting event that they surely don’t want to miss..


 Witness the revolutionary experience at this year’s “Nice To Meet You” Phil-Chi Star Concert, happening on January 17, 2018 at the Mall of Asia Complex’s MOA Arena Pasay, Metro Manila.


Tickets are now available online at

Tickets bookings are also available at all SM Cinema ticket counters, selected SM Store Departments, Eastwood Mall. and Luck Chinatown Mall.


LoyalCoin’s Crypto-Education Meetup at VC Café

LoyalCoin’s Crypto-Education Meetup at VC Café


February 12, 2018



DSCF7408 2


Last Saturday, February 03, 2018, LoyalCoin held their crypto-education session at VentureCapital Café. The crypto-education covered the wide array of topics including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trading, and ICOs. Attendees had the opportunity to listen and network with the experts of the blockchain industry.


DSCF7377 2


Some of the notable speakers of the event are Emerson Fonseca and Kits Amores from NEM, then Arnel Sumowan, LoyalCoin's Cryptocurrency Consultant, spotted also on the event is LoyalCoin's Brand ambassador Paolo Bediones, Head of Communications.


DSCF7383 2


The talk discussed what every beginner should know how to get started in the world of cryptocurrency. They highlighted the tools and resources available to them.


DSCF7459 2


It has also discussed how blockchain technology could impact one’s business and non-profit organization. They have tackled the full understanding of the ever-changing landscape of crypto taxes, and connect with industry leaders- all in a friendly and accessible format geared towards practical tools and education.


LoyalCoin x VentureCapital Holdings

LoyalCoin x VentureCapital Holdings


Weeks after we launched our token generation event (TGE) and days after we entered into a tie-up with North American loyalty expert Snipp, LoyalCoin is proud to announce our new alliance with VentureCapital Holdings, a venture capital firm based in the Philippines but with a wide-reaching portfolio across Asia.


LoyalCoin Partners With VentureCapital Holdings


Blockchain Customer Loyalty Innovator And Forward-Looking Venture Capital Firm To Enhance Each Other’s Businesses and Advisory Boards


December 27, 2017


LoyalCoin, the next-generation, blockchain-powered digital customer loyalty solution, has secured a strategic partnership for its undertakings from VentureCapital Holdings Corporation.


LoyalCoin and VentureCapital Holdings entered into a partnership agreement, under which the two companies will collaborate on strategy, operations, development, marketing, and other endeavors. In addition, LoyalCoin President and CEO Patrick Paul Palacios, COO Nitin Chawre, and Chief Technology Officer Nigel Hughes joined the advisory board of VentureCapital Holdings, while VentureCapital Holdings Business Development Director Ryan Dominic Araneta Sy was added to LoyalCoin’s advisory board.


LoyalCoin will leverage the support of VentureCapital Holdings to strengthen its operations and technology development teams, as well as to expand its operations into multiple countries.


This new agreement with VentureCapital Holdings builds on the momentum that LoyalCoin has sustained since its token generation event (TGE), with ongoing development for the components of the LoyalCoin platform and multiple discussions for business agreements with international companies.


Venture Capital Holdings’ major participation in LoyalCoin’s TGE is in line with the investment management company’s strategy of supporting unique businesses that have the potential to make a mark in their industries.


ryanvloyalcoin 773x1030

VentureCapital Holdings Business Development Director Ryan Dominic Araneta Sy (left) and LoyalCoin President and CEO Patrick Paul Palacios. Source: LoyalCoin


“We see great value in this partnership. The world of virtual payments and rewards is growing fast and Patrick and his team has done it again in terms of being a leader in cross-border customer management solutions,” said Ryan Dominic Araneta Sy, VentureCapital Holdings’ Business Development Director. “This is just the beginning of a game-changing journey into dominating the international loyalty industry. We support LoyalCoin’s token generation event (TGE). We encourage everyone to see the intrinsic value in their solutions.”


“We are ushering in the evolution of customer loyalty with a unified ecosystem powered by the blockchain, but to achieve that, we need to team with partners who have an established footprint in the loyalty industry,” said Patrick Paul Palacios, Founder and CEO of Appsolutely Inc., the creator of LoyalCoin. “We are very excited to begin working with VentureCapital Holdings to expand the reach of LoyalCoin in Asia. LoyalCoin gives consumers the ability to earn rewards from multiple brands, then choose where those rewards are spent. This represents an important new way to drive consumer loyalty. We look forward to our collaboration with VentureCapital Holdings as we enter this digital chapter in the evolution of the loyalty space.”


About LoyalCoin

LoyalCoin is the blockchain-backed solution that enables brands and consumers to connect and transact more effectively via customer loyalty programs. The company provides a suite of blockchain offerings that enable brands to increase their impact with customers and empower them with rewards that are easy to own, manage, and redeem in a scalable environment. LoyalCoin is a global company that partners with brands in every region of the world to achieve maximum return from their loyalty programs.


Visit and read the whitepaper to see how LoyalCoin will change loyalty programs as we know them. LoyalCoin is created by Appsolutely (, a leader in customer loyalty apps since 2013.


About VentureCapital Holdings Corp.
VentureCapital Holdings Corp. is an investment management company in constant search of promising tech startups to support in Southeast Asia. It also has investments in hotels, restaurants, travel and tours, and software companies in the healthcare, fintech, customer relationship, and jobs market sectors. To know more about their company, visit




MedProjects today at the Private Hospitals Association Philippines National Convention in Manila introduced Health Engine, an Electronic Medical Records platform designed for Philippine Hospitals


November 13, 2017, Manila, Philippines — Healthcare IT company MedProjects announced the launch of Health Engine today, an integrated suite of hospital IT applications that include an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform, Social Intranet, and cloud-based Website and Portal, designed to enhance collaboration and communication, improve clinical processes and workflows, and transform patient engagement.


For full article visit